Camp Žilina



We have been helping Ukrainian refugees from the moment they cross the border so they can support themselves as quickly as possible and integrate into society in Slovakia.

Camp Žilina was established in Žilina, Slovakia the day after the Russian invasion of Ukraine as an initiative of the Milan Dubec Foundation and with the help of Reinoo company employees and other volunteers, in order to provide a safe haven for refugees from Ukraine.

Subsequently, we focused on expanding aid to all refugees in the region and established the Association Ukrainska Spilka, through which we supply refugees with food, humanitarian aid and provide information and advice in the Ukrainian language.


  • to accommodate 2,300 people in short-term accommodation in Camp Žilina – on average, people stayed for 3 nights

  • to place 800 people into long-term accommodation – accommodation provided by hosts, hostels, seasonal facilities, dormitories

  • to regularly supply humanitarian aid to 2,500 people registered at Ukraine Spilka in addition to people accommodated in the camp

We estimate that there are 7 500 refugees in the Žilina region


  • the provision of intensive Slovak language courses for approximately 2,000 people who have decided to stay in the region.

    Although the Ukrainian language may seem visually similar to the Russian language, it is closer to the Slovak language and therefore it is possible to learn the basics of Slovak in a short time

  • the establishment of a day centre for children aged 2 to 7, to enable their mothers to attend language courses and work
  • looking for job opportunities for women that honour their education and experience, and that are adequately rewarded financially

    NEXT: We will focus on finding a long-term solution, to enable Ukrainians and their families to settle in Žilina after the war, if they wish to