Camp Žilina

Short-term and long-term

free accomodation for refugees from Ukraine


If you need accommodation in Žilina, contact the Support and Information Center for Refugees directly, +421 907 574 746 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. hrs., Horný Val 24, Žilina.


You can support our camps by donating via a bank transfer or PayPal.
The funds will be used exclusively to fulfil our mission.


You can support the operation of accommodation and our guests, refugees from Ukraine, financially through a transparent account.

Bank account number: SK79 0900 0000 0051 8803 6306

Bank account name: CAMP ŽILINA

Bank name: Slovenska sporitelna, a.s.

Bank address: Tomášikova 48, 832 37, Bratislava


You can see the account details and transactions here:


If you can’t use direct bank transfer, you can also donate using PayPal.


We have been helping Ukrainian refugees from the moment they cross the border so they can support themselves as quickly as possible and integrate into society in Slovakia.

Camp Žilina was established in Žilina, Slovakia the day after the Russian invasion of Ukraine as an initiative of the Milan Dubec Foundation and with the help of Reinoo company employees and other volunteers, in order to provide a safe haven for refugees from Ukraine.

Subsequently, we focused on expanding aid to all refugees in the region and established the Association Ukrainska Spilka, through which we supply refugees with food, humanitarian aid and provide information and advice in the Ukrainian language.


If you are looking for a safe place for yourself and your family, we offer free short-term accommodation in Camp Žilina, which has capacity for up to 300 people. If you decide to stay in Slovakia, we will help you to find a long-term solution. 

The free accommodation offers sanitary facilities and showers, and three meals a day are included as well as access to toiletries, clothes and other necessities. We can arrange basic health and psychological care, activities for children, transfers from and to the train station, support with obtaining relevant documents, etc.


Camp Bratislava is located about 2 hours away from Žilina, in our capital city Bratislava. It has capacity for up to 270 people.


The camp is located in Žilina in the Reinoo office building and can be found at this address:

Alexandra Rudnaya 21
010 01 Žilina
Slovenská republika